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Cell Phones Can Cost You

Despite the growing reliance on cell phones to communicate on the go, employee use of cell phones while driving can be detrimental to your health as an employer. Learn More.

Historic Reform Legislation Passes

The most hotly debated provisions of the legislation is the new Medicare prescription
drug option which includes a transitional prescription drug discount card. Learn More

Restrictive Covenants

In this world of outsourcing, questions and challenges to the legality and enforceability of non-compete agreements run rampant. Learn More

Small Business Tough Questions

Question: “What is involved in a public offering of stock — I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to a small business?” Learn More

Sole Proprietorships

By virtue of their simplicity, sole
proprietorships are the most popular form of business in our country. No particular
official/formal governmental registration or filing is required at the Corporation Bureau for this form of business. Learn More

Tenants Can Challenge Real Estate Tax Assessments

Recent cases in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania have illustrated why it is
important for tenants, and even sub-tenants, to have rights to appeal a real estate tax assessment. Learn More

U.S. Dept. of Labor Issues Sweeping Overhaul of Overtime Regulations

On April 23, 2004, the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) published final rules updating the regulations governing an employer’s obligation to pay overtime. Learn More

Tort Reform – Notwithstanding

Do non-physician business owners think or care about tort reform? By definition, a tort involves three elements, namely, duty, breach, and damage. The damage or loss must be the proximate result of the breach of an underlying legal duty, giving rise to a viable tort action.  Learn More

Split-Dollar Life and Other Insurance

There are a multitude of excellent insurance products available to businesses and
individuals, designed to cover the full spectrum of possible needs, including without limitation, whole life, variable life, term life, split-dollar life, and a variety of disability-oriented policies to fund buyouts and/or replace loss of income. Learn More

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